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        Shanghai An Feng Auto Fittings Factory was originally merged by Shanghai An Ting Bus Factory and Mechanical Factory.The factory locates at the western front of Shanghai and among An Ting Auto City,and adjacent Shanghai VW Auto Co.Ltd.It is closed to Shanghai Nanjing Railway,312 National High Way,Shanghai Nanjing Express Way,The factory occupies the ares of 20,000 more square meters.6000 square meters standard buildings,office buildings and 3000 square meters assistant workshop buildings.

        The main facilities in our factory are:16250t big or small punch 18 sets,shaping machines 2 sets,cutting machines 3 sets. There are more than 20 sets metal processing machine which can process 630650 mm,it is of the function of turning,planning,milling and grinding,and more than 20 sets welders equipments. Additionally there are the complete set for making the tubes of auto air conditioner.

        This factory produces complete components for Shanghai VW Auto Co.,No 1Auto VW,Putong Gm Auto Co., two-times complete sets auto internal decoration punching parts .The factory is the once pointed-complete-sets one for Shanghai Yan Feng Auto Decoration Parts Co. Additionally,the factory produces complete sets for US 3M Company,Shanghai Re Li Appliance Apparatus,and Shanghai VW Auto Co.,processing tools.In 2000,the factory developed the cable shelves business cooperately with Ericsson Telecommunications Co. Presently this factory has reached the production ability of 100,000 sets.The quality reaches the same level of import from abroad.This auto fittings factory is the township collective ownership enterprise with the staff of more than 200, and more than 20 Engineers and technicians.It has the ability of project development,designing making.The fixed capital is 2 million RMB or so and yearly benefits reaches 3 million RMB or so.This factory passed ISO 9002 Quality System Authentication and reached the products free-checking and zero-defected products.This factory can provide products in time.His factory has the prosperous future.The quality policy of the factory is:quality first,reputation is uppermost,strict technology,production ethically and regularly,provide best service.